About us

We begin to lead portal, which will take a virtual tour of the top hotels in our country. We present there cheap accommodations in the mountains and advise of what offers and what time of year is the best for every traveler. All this information and more will be easy to find there for people who all the time are thinking about new travels. Portal will show not only mountain hotels in our country but also all over the world. These are place that enjoying a good reputation for their clients.


The second area that we take into account at this website is mountain tourism. From the preparation of the expedition to find the appropriate maps and learning how to read them. You can find there information about the equipment for mountain hiking, tents and sleeping bags and the descriptions of the routes designed for people being on the different levels of advanced. For sure these are a useful information.



Portal, which you have in front of you, also take care of matters associated with children who accompany us during the trips in hotels and on mountain trails. So you will find here a lot of useful information on the best accommodation and mountain routes for parents with children.

The mountain trails