Attractions in hotels

Hotel- place of rest and fun


In the definition of the hotel you can find the statement that this is the object that the guests left at least 10 rooms and is characterized by a wide range of other services. What is included in this offer?





More and more hotel groups offer their guests the opportunity to take advantage of beauty treatments or relaxing massages. Often the SPA complex are located in the same building or next to it.


Swimming pool, sauna and gym

Hotels often take care of guests who prefer active leisure time by offering indoor swimming pools (often located in the basement of the hotel). Also they offer possibility to use the sauna, which is sometimes truly relaxing, especially after a big effort on mountain peaks, and the ability to take advantage of the gym, for those who being on vacation do not want to give up their daily workouts.


Place of entertainment


In some hotels we will also find entertainment zone, where for the convenience of guests is provided a pool table, table tennis, bar, disco or karaoke equipment.




The mountain trails