Comfort in hotel

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Cassandra: I have my own company, because of that reason I often have to work even on vacation. For me hotel should have very good network connection, then I can say that hotel is comfortable. Many of hotels use this solution - and I must say that it is very good choice.


Tim: for me comfortable hotel, is hotel where I can park my car without hesitation, without trouble and the parking is near to hotel. Once I was in hotel which claimed that it has parking, yeah it had, but 2 miles from building...


Meg: I have two kids, so for me comfort means: beds for children, books for them in the reception. Person who can stay with them during when I and my husband will go to recreation area - only for adults. That kind little things make me feel comfortable, because I do not worry about my kids.


Mike: I am not fastidious client, I just need comfortable bed, and clean bathroom in hotel. For me hotel is just place where I sleep, so I do not need anything more then that.

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