Quality of internet as a decisive factor to choosing hotel

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First internet, then comfort. It seems an unusual fact, but this has been a deciding factor for many customers at the moment they are choosing a hotel.





After checking in, the first thing the guest asks, at the front desk is the password for the wifi. Several hotels have identified this new profile of consumers, who consider the quality of the internet, as important in a hotel as a good shower or mattress.




Many hotels have invested in optimizing their wifi infrastructure, through the specialized services with wifi access point, that has extensive experience in the market (look here - www.wifimundo.com/hotel-wifi). The hotels which do not invest in the modernization of their wireless internet service, are at the risk of not loyalty the guest. As well as seeking a good experience, the client seeks to share it with their friends and family.


And more important than having internet, is to offering a quality service, because offering a slow service, can make the guest more angry, than he would be with the absence of service.


To get an idea of how much the internet is essential in a hotel, in 2013 was created the website Hotel wifi test, where the user can search the hotels based on the wifi offered, before booking.


We can base a good experience on three pillars:


  • Good internet links

  • Good internet gateway

  • Good coverage

  • Speed of navigation




When doing a quick search on the internet, several surveys point out that it is between the second and fourth largest variable when choosing or returning to a hotel, where many guests leave aside even the comfort and breakfast, To have a good experience with the internet.


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