Wifi facilitates the interactivity between Client x hotel

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It is unquestionable how internet has facilitated the improvement of many services. Now it is a decisive factor when choosing a hotel, as we are living in a globalized and connected world, where everybody needs the internet at some point in their daily lives.




The investment in optimizing the wifi service and internet, also brings benefits to all employees, who also need data speed, in order to offer better service to customers -  www.wifimundo.com/hotel-wifi , is an example of a recognized company, which offers wifi management systems.


In some hotels, guests can find various services provided through the web, such as:


  • Service xtract consultation;

  • facilities available and open time – pools, gym, sauna;

  • Services offered by the hotel;

  • Online room service request;

  • Request for breakfast;

  • Taxi scheduling and others



The interactivity in this way benefits not only the guests, but also the hotel staff, by facilitating service and increasing customer satisfaction.

According to Emma Jones "I was surprised, with an option to check my service extract before check out, and directly from my room, without going to hotel reception.

For the reception manager Jennifer "offer a service which integrates guests and hotel, has facilitated and optimized my work, if the customer needs service room or request a taxi, I am informed automatically, and the client doesn’t have to wait in line to speak with the reception.



An integrated wifi service, not only reduces revenue losses but also increases profits. Many companies are seem the investment in internet as great tool to acchive exccelence.


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