Bieszczady Mountains

Pikuj i Tarnica

Bieszczady Mountains are in fact part of the Eastern Beskidy Mountains, and therefore part of the Carpathians (Alpine orogeny), extend in the Polish country, Slovakia and Ukraine. Their highest peak is Pikuj (1405 m n. P. M.). It is located on the Ukrainian side of the Bieszczady Mountains in Poland and the highest peak is Tarnica measuring 1346 m n. P. M. The area of the Bieszczady define two passes- Łupków Pass and Wyszkowska.


Bieszczady Mountains are not a mountain range of Beskidy Połonińskie.


The peaks of these mountains covered pastures, even though they are classified as Beskidy Lesiste. In the Bieszczady Mountains you can meet many animal species absent in other areas, including Europe's largest snake- Aesculapius.

The mountain trails