Packed in hotels

Hotel with additional attractions in the package

Many hotels, in order to encourage tourists to choose their offer is preparing for guests special packages hotel, where the ordered accommodation they receive additional entertainment, or a much more attractive price of a broader range of services. Often a pretext for the preparation of such offers are public holidays or major events happening in the area.


Valentine's SPA

This is a hotel package prepared by the resort, which offers you the SPA. They offered at a slightly higher price than the accommodation, but still very attractive if you add to the accommodation visit to the SPA. The package includes in one price accommodation in a double room and a massage for two in SPA area.


Wintering with children

This package is an offer of a mountain hotel, which is aware that most parents in winter arrives in the mountains with their children, who currently have holidays. It is an offer for families with two children who are renting a family room. In package is also 5 free lessons with an instructor of skiing. There is a ski school for children of all ages.


Conference package


This offer is however addressed to businessmen who would be interested in a conference taking place at the hotel. As part of a four night stay at the resort, the hotel offers a one- day admission ticket to the conference. The customer chooses the day of the conference.

The mountain trails